US Bentonite was formed to acquire, mine, process and market high quality Wyoming Sodium Bentonite and related products and technologies. The Company is one of largest holders of Wyoming Bentonite with reserves having a wide variety of different clay beds that enable production of a spectrum of products. Our current processing plant is located in Bucknum, WY.

Bentonite is best known for its uses in oil, gas and water well drilling, environmental and civil engineering applications, clumping cat litter, foundry sand and is known as a “mineral with a thousand uses”. It is used in the construction of dams, canals, reservoirs, landfills and as a sealing material in the construction and rehabilitation of dikes and levees.

US Bentonite is the first new entry into the Wyoming Bentonite business in more than 40 years. We are dedicated to providing high quality products and superior customer relationships and service.